The Month of Pisces

“It’s a wrap!” as they say in the world of making movies.
Yes, Pisces is the twelfth sign and completes our zodiac circle of the year.

Pisces is a mystical, emotional, sensitive water sign, ruled by Neptune, the mystic.   These qualities bring a greater impressionability and vulnerability to the greater mass of humanity.
It is the third of the three service signs – Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.
The symbol of Pisces is two fishes joined by a thread.  They are swimming in opposite directions.  One fish represents the soul, the other, the personality.
As long as the personality rules, the soul fish is dragged to wherever the personality is drawn.  When, through life experience and lessons learned, the personality gives way to the soul’s guidance, we are able to more closely fulfil our soul’s purpose, to become closer to being a World Saviour.

What is a World Saviour you may ask?   An Avatar, one who changes things by embodying the energy of pure, unconditional Love – the energy which fuels all growth in our world.  That energy was demonstrated by Jesus, the man who became the Christ, which means ‘the anointed one’, one who would show by His life what it meant to be a World Saviour.  (there have been other ‘Christs’ throughout history, but we generally only hear of Jesus, due to the influence of the Piscean Age.)

Pisces being the twelfth sign also means it completes our set of twelve lessons - one for each Zodiac month, each one building on the one before.                          
( Interesting to see in our western education system we are expected to complete twelve years of education before we are considered properly educated!)

In each Zodiac year, we have the opportunity to review, revise or relearn the lesson of the particular sign we are in.  Sometimes we are given a test as to how well we have taken the lesson to heart – have we learned it mentally, in theory, or have we really made it a part of our being?

The Universe is very benign – what we don’t learn this year, we can revisit next time around.  We are in charge of our journey and the pace at which we travel it.  It certainly does get harder if we continually shirk our lessons, for just like in school, for our friends and colleagues go on ahead, leaving us behind.

If we have learned our year’s zodiac lessons, we will find that the increased sensitivity Pisces brings allows us to better interpret and respond to people and situations around us.  If we have shied away from some of the lessons of the past, we will find ourselves with a disturbing super sensitivity and overwhelming emotion to the  incoming Piscean energies.

Then the wonderfully sensitive insights of Pisces, instead of being used for others, are turned in on self.  They become a depressing self-preoccupation, self-justification and self-condemnation and, Pisces being the culminating sign, they are very powerful indeed!

In Pisces, we are meant to serve, to make the world a better place – the choice is there.  Will we ‘go with the flow’, downstream with the personality, or will we make the effort to turn and swim upstream, beyond the tide of emotion and serve humanity as we are meant to do by learning to be the best we can be?

The opposite sign to Pisces is Virgo, the virgin, a maiden carrying a stalk of wheat in her hand.  You certainly see the influence of the opposite sign in the Age of Pisces playing out in the concept of the virgin birth, the loaves and fishes, references to bread, etc…
It reminds us that in becoming a 'world saviour', we must always be grounded and practical.

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, Pisces is the sign of the Harvest moon – in ancient times, the time when we actually did bring in the grain and crops for winter storage.  Now, in our modern times of convenient supermarkets, perhaps it is time for us to gather in the harvest of lessons learned and experiences gained, before we embark on the next cycle of zodiac lessons.  After all without a stock-take, how will we know what will be needed in the future?


The Age of Pisces

Pisces is also the sign of the Age we are just finishing, in our greater zodiac journey of approx. 2,000yrs in each sign.
This age of Pisces was characterised by the theme of follow the leader, idealism, ideology, dying for a noble cause and is epitomised by the religious theme of Christianity, whose symbol was the fish, fishermen, and Jesus calling His disciples to “follow me”.

As a zodiac sign nears the end of its cycle, it tends to degenerate and the wonderful qualities express their more negative side.
It is perhaps easiest to understand if we liken it to fruit on a tree.  At first, it is not fully formed and we watch it slowly growing.  Gradually it matures and we enjoy the bounty it provides as it ripens and develops its full potential.  But then, the remaining fruit over-ripens, becomes rotten and beyond its ‘use-by’ date.  
This is what happens at the end of an age – what was once beautiful, if not used, becomes negative and detrimental.

Many of the negative things happening in the world today, come into this category.  The attempt to love becomes blind devotion.  The inspired leadership degenerates into despotic dictatorship, patterns that once served us well become limiting, entrenched law which no longer serves the times.

Back to the fruit analogy… We can see that the over-ripe fruit - in the wrong time and place - becomes toxic, but used in the right way, it also has great value.  The left over fruit provides seeds, and, as it breaks down also gives nutrients for the creation of new life.  What are the fruits, the lessons and treasures that we can take from the passing Age and transform into tools for the new?  What is now passing its time of being useful, and can be left behind and let go, while keeping the understanding and wisdom we have gained from the experience?

You might like to ponder these questions in your quiet time, or over coffee!

Stronger than he thinks, wiser than he knows – dare to swim against the tide