The Month of Sagittarius

SAGITTARIUS! - the sign of the Archer

The ancient symbolism of Sagittarius is eerily appropriate for now – in many ways. Way back in Atlantean times the symbol for Sagittarius was a centaur, a creature which was half horse and half man, who was trying to fire his arrows at a target. The only problem was that he was constantly moving and all the time looking backwards! Not a really good recipe for success!

A Centaur combined the strength and nature of the wild horse, with the emotional nature of the human, and thus was known as a rather dangerous, wild, undisciplined and unpredictable creature. With the emotions running riot and the strength of the horse behind them, the outcomes were rather wild at times!

Sounds familiar?

It seems our world is currently living in a kind of flash-back experience, where much of the power and decision making is made in the Atlantean mode!

The many Ages of evolution that have passed since, where as humans we have learned through experience to separate ourselves from our animal nature and become the rider in control of the horse, seem to have been largely forgotten.

The horse represents our animal nature – our raw feelings and instincts. The man is humanity, hopefully some way further along the evolutionary path from Atlantean times.

The bow represents our will, used for direction and power to achieve goals. The arrow signifies our truthful and clear logical mind, focused towards the goal of a better future for all.

From where we stand now on the evolutionary scale, we ideally should be standing free of the horse and steady in our purpose, with the intended goal clearly in view before us! The mind is focused, the stance is poised and steady, and the goal is clearly in sight.

Imagine if this was so! How different the world would be!

Our decision making would all be done for the highest and best reasons.

Choices would be made for the highest good of the whole. Clear outcomes would be held and worked toward by all, for the benefit of all. The will would be focused and used to achieve seemingly unreachable goals and impossible dreams.

And just like the Centaur of old who dreamed of becoming a human, we will unfold our potential as truly Spiritual beings and come a little closer to all we could be.

We have achieved transformation before – we can do it again if we only work at it!

Each year when we revisit Sagittarius, we have the opportunity to refresh our perspective and realign our values with our actions. It is like a little reminder to just check the fundamentals of living and refocus the essentials in order to go forwards.!

* Please note, the FULL MOON in Sagittarius is on Friday 23 of November, the day after the sun moves into Sagittarius and the day before our Victorian Elections – maybe a good time to clarify and refocus on the greater good?

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