The Month of Scorpio

Scorpio, the Scorpion

Tests, Trials, Triumphs! – are the key notes of this sign – depending on where you place your consciousness, matter or spirit - so will the results be determined…

 Scorpio is the eighth sign in our yearly pilgrimage around the zodiac and is sometimes called the sign of Karma.

It is ruled by Mars, the fiery planet of war.

Its metal is crude iron, which needs to be transmuted into steel under heat and pressure. 

Scorpio is a time of decision – under pressure.

- will we use the personality level to decide, and thus suffer the consequences - or will we utilise the higher, inflowing Aquarian energies which stimulate the higher, spiritual mind?

 If we use the latter, it means that the Scorpion can become the Eagle - the sign of Triumph!

 Scorpio is ruled by the red planet, Mars. In our bodies it corresponds to the bloodstream, which carries the adrenaline, our ‘fight or flight’ hormones, to all parts of our system.

  - Adrenaline stimulates, gives us our sex drives and passion.

  - It vitalises, activating anger and energy to drive us forwards.

  - It purifies, by burning out the anger, emptying the adrenals.

 This is why Scorpio is often known as the house of death!

  - death of the personality desires and reactions, leading to the birth of aspiration, like the eagle flying free - the spirit.

 In the time of Scorpio, our task is to lift our lower nature up, beyond the Scorpic personality levels, into the higher spiritual realms, in order to be able to fly free, like the Eagle.

 Modern Psychology looks at the dark side of our nature. Spiritually, accessing the soul levels show us how to clear it out!

 The main issue for humanity today is all about learning to fly like the eagle - how to go beyond the pettiness of the Personality.

Why is this?

 By now we should have ‘grown up’ somewhat, as human/spiritual beings, and ideally, left behind our childish personality with its schoolyard behaviours of payback and nasty words!

We are now potentially adults, but we are often still living and behaving as if we were scrapping in the schoolyard sand pit!  (think Government party politics, and the media!)

 It is time we grew up and behaved with a little more maturity and insight… the sign of Scorpio gives us the opportunity to see how well (or not) we are doing with that lesson!

 Scorpio is a crisis point – an opportunity to do things differently – the challenge is the opportunity for change!  - to go beyond the old habit patterns of biting back, stinging, and destroying.

 Don’t say “It’s too hard”, “I’m too tired”, “I’ve got too much on my plate at present”   - THAT IS THE TEST!

We have to choose the higher way under pressure!

A test is only a test when it is under pressure – that is the very nature of things.

In today’s world, we are very complacent – we operate on habits and deeply ingrained patterns of the past – survival patterns which are very ‘Scorpic and very Personality-based.

 “May you live in interesting times” – has been said to be an old Chinese curse - meaning difficult times!  And indeed we do live in interesting times - times of great turbulence and high energy - times of great opportunity, as we are transiting from the Great Age of Pisces and into the New Age of Aquarius.

 There are great streams of energy stimulating the Earth at this time, pushing us forward to alter our vibration, to speed up, to lift our game. Encouraging us to become our true selves – the Eagle!  To move from Personality to Soul-based living.

 It is the search, for change, for spiritual growth, for Transformation!

 Scorpio is releasing the old, in order that the new can be born.

- a death of what has passed its ‘use-by’ date, of all the things which are holding us back, in order to make way for the new!

 A Bigger Overview, Greater Vision, Clear Intent and a Higher Purpose.

Pass the Tests and Fly like the Eagle!


‘Meditation at this time is not only a transformative process, but also a transmutative process which truly is world service.

   The important thing is to unfold ourselves, surpass our limitations, overcome our selfish interests and work for the One humanity.’