The Month of Taurus

20 April – 21 May

TAURUS, the Bull, is the second sign in our yearly zodiac journey.
Just as Aries, the Ram, gave us the intense, initiatory energy to begin a new cycle, literally like the rocket, propelling us into orbit, so the energy of Taurus brings us the steadfast energy that will keep us moving steadily towards our goal.
Taurus energies are earthed, grounded solidly in matter, and are more sustained, with will, determination and perseverance.

Being one of the initiatory signs, Taurus is energetically very powerful and strong.
Aries is associated with the spiritual Festival of the Christ and thus Christian Easter, embodying the energy of Love.
Taurus is connected with the spiritual Festival of the Buddha and the eastern Festival of Wesak, which embodies the energy of Light or consciousness.
The next month we will have the Festival of Humanity, when we have the opportunity to take our rightful responsibility for the further evolution of the planet on which we live.

These festivals are dealing with Cosmic influences on our Earth, and stimulate earth’s atmosphere with very strong Ray forces.
This increased radiation stimulates our central nervous system, giving us a boost to further our thinking and growth.

The symbol for Taurus is the bull, with its strong steadfast, earthy energy, full of will to achieve.
In ancient Egypt, Hathor, the cow was the icon for Taurus.
Hathor was the symbol for earthly comfort and riches in the form of herds of cattle, and the source of all the nurturing, female traits like the comforts of home making, crops and harvesting and everything which spoke of love, beauty and earthly happiness.

It is easy to see why Taurus became known for the energy of desire, for ultimately, that is the energy which will carry us back to Spirit – the desire, which uplifts to aspiration for the higher things in life.
In ancient times it was the animal desiring to become human.
Now it is man aspiring to become spiritual man.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, the symbol of love and desire.
The opposite sign is Scorpio, ruled by the fiery planet Mars, symbol of passion and desire, which when out of control can lead to despair and self destruction.

Desire is ultimately desire for Spirit, hence the Taurean love for beauty and luxury, which really means ‘light-filled’ ( lux = light ).
Love of beauty draws us closer to Spirit, bringing order out of chaos, making something the highest and best it can possibly be.

This love of beauty eventually becomes aspiration – ‘to draw in spirit’ - to aspire to embody all the higher qualities of the Spirit. ’

Eventually even this gives way to Spiritual Will, the greatest power man can embody on this earth.
The Soul is always exerting constant pressure on humanity in order to break through into the higher dimensions of living.

The energies of Taurus push us to transmute our desires into aspiration, and from there to ‘will to good’ – Will to God – used for the greater good of the whole - we use the term ‘God's will’.
It then becomes Divine Will, all encompassing group work and group power.

Shamballa, ‘the centre where the will of God is known’, refers to the highest vibration which transmits the First Ray energy of will and power.

This is why, at the Taurus Full Moon, there is such a powerful influence upon humanity.  It is celebrated in eastern cultures as the Festival of Wesak – the festival of the Buddha, and is known to have the strongest radiation of all the Full Moons.
Wesak is celebrated as a time of Initiation, due to the strong stimulating energies coming from the Cosmos – Greater Zodiac – the Zodiac – our Solar System – Earth – to humanity.
At this time, a major alignment of Cosmic energy creates a pathway through which all of the 7 Rays can flow.

Great energy beings, the Buddha and the Christ link up to pass on this energy, acting like transmitters.  It is an ‘open window’ of opportunity for humanity to take a big step forward.                      
It is as if a door opened on higher levels, allowing a flood of light to pour into earth.

Group meditation attracts these energies for the greater good of the whole, as mankind’s developing brain cells respond to the increased electro-magnetic radiation energies.

Radiation creates change!
It can change our consciousness and stimulate us to know and grow.

That’s Evolution!

This higher frequency vibration affects our Central Nervous System, bringing about change in human thinking and action.
The intense stimulation is a great opportunity for change – that’s why it is known as the Festival of the Buddha – of Enlightenment!

The steady grounded energies of Taurus are the ideal time for receiving such intense stimulation.

This is the stimulation Humanity needs to create the much needed transformation in our world today.  
Last month in Aries, we had the intense fire of a rocket launch –
now we need the continued input of the practical, persistent, earthed Taurean will energies to continue the growth and change!

We need to break up all of the very materialistic, personality based living, actions and values of the past in order to be able to move forward into the lighter energetic beings we are meant to become.

The energy is there available for us to use.  The power to express it lies in our ability and willingness to work as a group for change.

“Groups must become living organisms – not organisations”

The Taurean will must be lovingly used to destroy all that is hindering the free flow of human life and that is bringing death to humanity.

Join us in this peace work at the Full Moon in Taurus…………