The Month of Taurus

The Taurean energies are earth-based, more sustainable, and seek to enhance and add value to that which was begun in Aries. It is driven by the energy of desire. Desire leads to aspiration, depending on what we focus on. Ideally, our desire leads us onto the path of Wisdom.

The earth sign of Taurus, is ruled by Venus.

The opposite water sign is Scorpio, ruled by Mars, the fiery, passionate planet of war.

It is not difficult to see the relationship between the two polarities - depending on what we focus our desire upon, we either use the desire of Taurus and the passion of Scorpio to achieve great things - or we let the lower aspects of the personality rule, and come to a very sticky end!

If we look at the origin of aspiration, it means to aspire to the higher things of Spirit - all that is beautiful, light-filled, and of the highest quality and vibration - for that is closest to Spirit.

Ideally, we should aim to move from desire to aspiration – from solar plexus to heart centre, and ultimately, to the crown centre response. which is sometimes called “the centre where the will of God is known”.

The Taurus Full Moon falls toward the end of the month of Taurus, in Melbourne 7.11am on Sunday 19th of May, shortly before we move into the sign of Gemini.

At the Full Moon of Taurus, also known as Wesak, there is a great deal of energy released toward Earth. This energy has a very strong impact on humanity, literally a wakeup call.

WESAK is the second of the three Spiritual Festivals which begin the zodiac year. It is called the Festival of the Buddha and is dedicated to the search for Light, or enlightenment.

It is the time when there is a major alignment of the cosmic energies which create a pathway for all 7 Rays to flow.

This means it is a time of increased radiation on Earth. Radiation affects all of creation, especially our human nervous system!

As the Full Moon peaks right around the Australian election time, it is important to clarify what it is we really desire as a nation! If our desire is selfish or personality based, we will reap the rewards of that. If we aspire to something higher for the good of the whole, then that will be our reward.

These timings are not a coincidence, but rather the Universe aiming to educate us into the higher way! The question is……….. will we learn?

As the whole election is run on trying to tempt voters by offering various ‘carrots’ to gain votes, it is vital that we are not drawn into a “What’s in it for me” attitude. If we want a better world, we have to take the higher way, the path of wisdom and ask “What do we need for us all to build a better world?”

A very different approach!