The Month of Virgo

Virgo is often regarded as the spring sign, particularly here in the Southern Hemisphere, as it does overlap into September, the calendar month for the beginning of spring.

In actuality, spring starts with the equinox around 21st of September, when day and night are of equal length.  From this point onwards, the days grow steadily longer (and hopefully warmer!), and we begin to move our energies outwards once more.

Virgo is the sixth sign on our zodiac journey and is known as the house of health. It is ruled by the Moon and commonly associated with the ‘Earth Mother’ - or sometimes with a maiden holding a stalk of wheat, ready to be sown and brought to life.  It speaks of future potential and possibilities.

Virgo is regarded as the oldest of the zodiac signs.  We often think of this as meaning that it was the first to be discovered or the earliest to be named.   However, when we look deeper into the meaning of things, we discover that Virgo really encapsulates the very essence of the meaning of life – the entering into matter to gain experience, to become more knowing, to reach our potential.

No wonder it was the earliest!

Spiritual awareness is hidden deep in human subconscious – there but not easily detected.
Matter hides the indwelling spirit, as the child in the womb is hidden and protected by the mother’s body.

It is Spirit entering into matter to experience, grow, and unfold the greater spiritual possibilities within us – the Christ within.
As we do, we cause the matter around us to also change and become more conscious.  We create a stream of energetic movement, which carries other matter along and causes it also to change…    
We literally ‘spiritualise matter’.


When you think that every atom of Creation has at its heart a spark of divinity – a fragment of ‘Godness’ – then it becomes apparent that the ‘mother with child’ is symbolically really involved in something much more major than reproducing the species!

No wonder there is a great respect for pregnancy
It really is a metaphor for Creation itself!
Virgo is the symbol of our whole earthly journey – the reason for our being.      It is, in miniature, why the earth, our solar system - in fact the whole of creation - came in to being, in order to experience and become more conscious, to be better able to express the divinity which is essentially our essence.

One of the most primitive awarenesses of life is birth and death.  The animals are conscious of this and prepare carefully for the birthing of their young, realising that it means the continuation of the species, and through that, more experience and growth.

This is why Virgo is regarded as the oldest sign – it encapsulates the meaning and purpose of life, the reason we exist!

The spirit – God/Consciousness – creates a physical body in order to have a vehicle for experience.  That experience is so that we can extend our consciousness, to become more knowing, more awake, become more of the ‘Godness’ we really are.

‘Spiritualising matter’, it is sometimes called, making every part of us more conscious and responsive to the highest vibration possible, which is one of the reasons Virgo is known for its exacting standards.

Virgo is always striving to reveal the spirit within the form, the ‘child ‘ within the womb of matter, and to make that form a more worthy vehicle for the spirit within, hence the drive for perfection and accuracy.

With this knowledge, we can easily understand the Virgo references to ‘virgin births’ in ancient history – Lilith, Isis, Eve and of course in Christianity, the Virgin Mary, along with probably many others, long since lost in the mists of time.

It will also explain the association with spring and the bursting forth of blossoms and bulbs, and the mystery of the creation of a new life.
That which is nurtured within the womb of matter, is brought forth in the fullness of time to continue the process of rebirth and renewal – resurrection!

It is no coincidence that Christianity also adopted the metaphor of the Virgin Mary. She represented matter, not yet conscious of itself – it was the eternal truth being re-enacted in the birth, life and death of the man called Jesus, who became the Christ.

He had completed his earthly sojourn in matter, learned all the lessons possible from the experience, spiritualised the matter and became the Christ – the ‘anointed one’ or the ‘way-shower’ for others.

This is why he said “follow me” – for he had travelled the journey and was able to show the way for others to do the same.

Virgo is the Cosmic mother, shielding the soul embedded in matter, in order for it to experience and evolve.  It is an opportunity for us to explore the inner realms and nurture the forms we intend to bring forth in due time.

Virgo gives birth to Divinity – there is no external source, as  
the Spirit already is inherent in matter.  
Virgo is a time of gestation!