The Month of Virgo 2019

Virgo is the sixth sign in our zodiac journey, and is the sign in which we are called to turn within to discover we are not human beings at all, but Spiritual beings having a human experience!

It is the start of our journey back ‘home’ to Spirit, from whence we came into human form, so that we could experience and grow and learn from this to choose the higher way.                We call this Karma!

We always tend to think of Karma as retribution, but it is really just experiencing the consequence of our actions, so that we can learn to adjust our actions to get the desired result.  It is a way of us gaining more control over our lives.

As Virgo is the turning point in our evolutionary journey, the point at which we become aware we are more than just a physical being, it is the start of the growth of spiritual awareness. We become aware of a very different dimension of self.

When we awaken to this, we are forever changed - we cannot go back to ‘un-knowing’ - just as we cannot ‘un-read’!

Virgo is the epitome of the whole evolutionary experience - the symbol of the Spirit, shielded in matter in order to mature and experience, and then eventually reveal the inner reality.

The focus of Virgo is more inwardly focused, more reflective and quiet, after the personality focused Leo.

This is why the symbol for Virgo is a pregnant woman, or a maiden carrying a sprig of wheat - symbolising the potential within. A pregnant woman is the perfect image for the inner spiritual reality, which will, just as the child within in due time bursts forth, become manifest to all.

Virgo is a feminine, receptive sign, with great inner sensitivity, hence it is known as the sign of health, for if we deny the Spirit, we deny the flow of Life force within, which will inevitably result in ill health.

In the month of Virgo, it would be prudent to pay attention to accuracy and precision, for in so doing we increase our ability to gain the outcomes we desire.

Ideally, we should also pay more attention to our health and the things which maintain it - remembering the Spiritual as well as the physical needs. 

Virgo’s opposite sign is Pisces, and we can see the connection in the Bible stories of Jesus as having a ‘virgin birth’ and His work of healing the sick, the concept of being ‘born again’, also His ability to accurately know where people’s hearts were aligned.

Virgo is an Earth sign - and what could be more ‘earthy’ than mother and child? The anchoring of Spirit in matter is about as earthy as one could get!

This is an excellent metaphor for our world today, with the general denial of Spiritual matters - we pretend the child (Spirit) doesn’t exist until birthed!

Virgo is regarded as one of the oldest of the Zodiac signs, with very deep images and meanings. It speaks of greater, deeper things than appear obvious on the surface. 

It is time for us to really listen to those inner voices - who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? and What for? - and to spend time seeking the answers.  Paradoxically, these answers can only be heard when we take time to be in the stillness.

Virgo is the time to nourish the Soul………….

         - support the deep inner experience

         - experience beauty and quietness

         - feel our connectedness to all life

         - experience lofty music, art and literature

         - set an example for others…………..


“Recognise the inner stirrings and respond to their message”