Wesak is known as the eastern Festival of the Buddha and is  celebrated at the Full Moon in Taurus, just as the Western Festival of Easter is set by the Full Moon in Aries.

It is a time of great energy release on earth and is an opportunity to bring together the best energies of Eastern and Western faiths for the good of all humanity.

Wesak marks the high point of energy release for the Spiritual year and serves to vitalise the aspiration of all humanity.

There are many accounts of a gathering held in a hidden valley, high in the Himalayas, which many people aspire to attend.  Many seek this place in vain, because it is not a physical place, but rather a state of consciousness, far beyond our normal plane of functioning.
It has been described by some who have accessed the astral, which are only a mirror image of the higher levels, as a great gathering of the ‘who’s who’ of the spiritual beings of all faiths, partaking in a great symbolic ritual ceremony at the time of the Taurean Full Moon.

When we are able to access the energetic levels above our normal levels of functioning, we have to translate the experience into words and concepts that are understandable here on the physical plane.
Hence the descriptions contain things like ‘ a hidden, secret, high place’, patterns and rituals, and visual representations of energetic states ( think of trying to explain a dream. )

When we are dealing with such high vibration, spiritual energies, we have only a limited vocabulary to try to explain them, which gives us an understanding of some of the ecstatic writings recorded in most cultures of the world.  They are trying to describe something that is beyond words.
(Think of Biblical Prophesies, some of the Koranic writings, the Hindu Vedas, etc……)