Wesak - the second of the 3 Great Spiritual Festivals

WESAK is the second of the three Spiritual Festivals which begin the zodiac yearly cycle. It is called the Festival of the Buddha and is dedicated to the search for Light or enlightenment.

It is the time when there is a major alignment of the Cosmic energies, which create a pathway for all 7 Rays to flow.

This means it is a time of increased radiation on Earth. Radiation affects all of creation, especially our human nervous system! Currently, there is intense radiation pouring toward Earth, as a stimulus to move our consciousness forwards, out of the old, physical thinking of the past.

In order to be able to be of use in the new vibration of the Age of Aquarius, we have to be able to see things as energy rather than physical matter. We need to understand our role as ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’, being the conscious curators of the earth and working to allow the spirit within all things to manifest.

Wesak is the most potent time to work in group Meditation, as the energies released towards Earth are most effective.

Wesak is celebrated as the date of Gautama Buddha’s enlightenment – just as Easter is celebrated as the time of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 
Note that both Buddha and Christ are titles earned, like Professor or Doctor - not names. Both these great souls gained their titles by the way that they lived their lives, and left us an example to live by and follow.

Something for us to aspire to!