What is Easter?

When someone mentions Easter, we think of Easter eggs, holidays, a short getaway/break, and perhaps the church services we attended as a child.

We rarely ever think of what Easter is all about. We may be aware of some mournful music around this time, and Easter eggs in the shops, but other than this it remains an enigma.

Is it even relevant today? After all, with all of the recently erupting scandals within the clergy, do we really want to revive the interest?

Perhaps we need to go back to pre-Christian times, when what we now call Easter was widely celebrated as the start of a new year – a new cycle of growth and development.

The time we celebrate as Easter is set by the Full Moon in Aries, the first sign of the twelve month Zodiac cycle. It is the start of a new cycle of growth, impelled by the fiery energy of Aries, the sign of the Ram.

This energy is like a rocket launch – intense, fiery, fast and targeted – which is why it is important to hold a very clear purpose and intent as we go into Aries. A rocket launched wildly, without a specific direction is bound to cause trouble!

Now is the time to clearly hold the picture of what we are aiming for, to visualize the intended outcome, and to begin to plan how we are going to bring this about. The energy of Aries will empower us to achieve this goal for the good of the whole.

These ancient, natural festival times were adopted by the early church as a way to integrate and increase the acceptance of the new religion into the society and consolidate its legitimacy with the people. By doing this, they made it seem like it always was there and part of their heritage.

They thus took over the festival of renewal and made it Christian instead of universal.

The importance of the time was always known, it’s just that the early church fathers changed its original meaning, very often negating the natural purpose of it in the process!

If we are to regain our balance and connection with the earth rhythms, which after all are what our body is designed for, we need to pay attention to the natural cycles and learn to harmonise with them.

We need to realign ourselves to the natural flow of nature, instead of going against what our bodies need and are, in fact, designed for!

When we live in harmony with the earth’s rhythms, our health (wholeness) is optimum, and our outlook on life is wholistic! This way, we will see things as part of a bigger picture and see the ramifications of our choices. Such a view of life would make it impossible to rape and destroy the earth, pollute the environment and foul our oceans with toxic waste, as we are currently doing!


How about this Easter we make an effort to make a new beginning? How about using the rocket launch energy of Aries to make a new start for all, by re-aligning ourselves with the timeless energy of Creation as it was intended to be?

While the lead-up to Easter has taken place in the energy of Aries as usual, Easter itself, which usually also falls in the month of Aries, will this year will be in the first week of Taurus, creating a most interesting blend of influences!

We might just surprise ourselves at what we can achieve!