What is P.Y.R?

P.Y.R. is an acronym for Progressive Yoga Relaxation, a form of guided relaxation developed by the founder of Gita, Margrit Segesman.

It is a guided relaxation, moving sequentially from the outer, large muscles of the body, inwards to the fine muscles controlling our inner, subconscious responses to stress.

By learning to completely relax the whole body, we are able to access the deeper reaches of the subconscious mind, to deal with the issues which are the deeper underlying cause of many of todays health issues.

If you would like to learn more about P.Y.R ,  you may like to read ‘Wings of Power’ – by Margrit Segesman,  the story of her journey through T.B. and crippling osteoathritis with P.Y.R. to become the founder of Gita International Yoga.              

For a girl who was expected to die at 17, living to 94 was not bad going!