Winter Practices

For us, here in the southern hemisphere, Winter appears to be rapidly approaching.  We reminisce about the good times of summer, how cold it is getting, and start to dream of a winter break somewhere in the tropics!

For the occasional person who likes the cold, there is a sense of delight and anticipation for the likelihood of a good snow season and all the accompanying delights of brisk mornings and the feel of snow on the skin.

And yet surely we are missing the point?

The whole cycle of change is designed to bring balance and growth to the earth and all upon it, including us!

A there is time for activity, and a time of rest.

Without this eternal change, further growth and development would be impossible.  The stimulus of change causes us to keep adjusting, adapting, finding new ways to use our talents and potential – and the change in weather is a good reminder of that.

So, what is the Winter message?

We need time to withdraw and go within, in order to process the myriad pieces of information which continually bombard us.

We need to digest all the experiences we have been part of, so that we can learn from them.

Much of our current weariness is due to lack of ‘brain space’, which allows us to ‘file’ information for later usage.  Without this precious time, we do not gain the benefit of experience, and have to endlessly repeat it.    When the weather is cold and wet, it encourages us to spend time within – within home, within self, in order to digest the learnings and prepare for more growth come spring.

However, it is possible to overdo the lack of activity and become toxic and sluggish  -  so that is why the Lung expansion breath is perfect for now  -  it fires up sluggish systems and fortifies our lungs against the winter cold bugs!  Try it for yourself and see!

Apart from that, it really feels good to energise and activate the system, especially if we tend to over-indulge in the rich and warming foods nature provides!

By the way, if you harvested the bounty of summer and preserved it for winter, now is the time you can begin to partake of it with thanksgiving and delight – being sure to thank Mother Nature for her bounty and yourself for doing it!


The Lung Expansion Breath

- also called Lung Vitalising breath or Nerve Strengthening Breath.

This is an extremely effective Pranayama for strengthening the lungs and their ability to cope with pollution and infection, hence improving our immune system.

Because this is a very dynamic pranayama, it is warming on cold days.  It is also ideal for all bronchial problems, especially asthma.